Application process

We clear the way for you and see to it that you receive your private loan at the best possible interest. Do you want to know how it will proceed? Here is a description of each step on your way to a loan.

1 Filling the online credit application
Take your time to fill our online application form and inform us of the credit amount you desire. It is best that you send us also the necessary documents at the same time, so that we could process your application immediately without creating any unnecessary delay for you.
2 Processing
Your request will be subject to a short examination and following that we will forward it – if you fulfill the most important criteria for credit approval – to banks that will immediately check your financing request in detail.
3 Obtaining the credit decision
Usually, you will receive the credit decision only 24 hours after we receive your request. If your request is approved, we will send you immediately the credit contract via regular mail for you to sign it.
4 Waiting period
As from the moment when the credit contract is printed out, the statutory waiting period of 14 days begins to be calculated. You can use this period to carefully read the contract and send it back to us signed.
5 Payout
After the expiry of the statutory waiting period, you can get your money in the closest branch of the bank providing the credit or it will be transferred to your bank/post account.