About us

Tajo is an online credit service of the company AS Finanz GmbH, which is among the largest credit intermediaries in Switzerland. Our task is to facilitate the granting of your private credit and to act as a connecting link between you and the banks providing credits.


How does it function?


You submit to us your online credit request and we take over the complete processing and forwarding of your application to various banks free of charge. In this way you have one and only contact person and you can save the costs, i.e. you do not need to undergo the same procedure several times. Besides, we have, as a renowned credit agent, better chances to offer attractive interest terms than a private loan applicant. Submit your request directly to us and we will perform everything else necessary for you.

Who is AS Finanz?

The company AS Finanz GmbH with headquarters in Zurich is, for about ten years already, among the 3 best credit intermediaries in Switzerland. Our basic activity is easy and fast intermediation of private loans, consumer loans and bank credits from CHF 3,000-250,000 to private persons.

Why an online credit service?

Most transactions are performed today via the internet: online shopping, online vacation booking, online payment of bills. We recognized this trend and therefore we offer this easy-to-use service to credit applicants, who can apply for a credit through just a few clicks and leave everything else to be done by a strong financing partner.